Vidasoul is back to full service

We stayed open part of September but now we are in full swing, full on day one of the new season.  We are very excited about the direction of the East Cape and all the new development and new neighbors.  In preparation we are installing an all new solar system, compliments of Innovation Solar in Cabo San Lucas.  We are evolving from my Frankenstein married Mickey Mouse system, to something so beautiful, we will be all the envy.  We are so excited about this. 

We intend to have a lot of groups and concerts this season and we are amazed at how the world has once again changed and now everyone is back to traveling.  Lots of reservations of Europeans, people from all over Latin America and our very reliable guests from the US and Canada. 

Real estate selling like crazy on the East Cape and we think the time is finally now for us out in the boonies.  Take a trip on the wild side and come visit us at Vidasoul, to eat, Day Pass pool use or stay in one of our lovely, air conditioned rooms. app 624-154-6966

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