Whale watching at its finest at Vidasoul

March is great month on the East Cape with mother’s and babies frolicking right out in

front of the restaurant. 

The weather is warming up and there is a hint of a swell which means the beginning of The East Cape surf season.  The East Cape has grown in popularity in the last 2 years, with real estate selling like hot cakes.  Lots of off-roaders and photoshoot crews can be seen on the beach.  AMERICAN EAGLE just did one a couple of weeks ago.

Our next concert under the stars will be March 19 at 7PM

starring the new Mike Sisco band called Gatos Pardos.  Mike Sisco is a quite well known keyboard player in the area and has performed Vidasoul many times with a variety of bands and events. As usual, lighting by Paulie and dinner and dance Vidasoul style.

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